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. >> as long as washington keeps santa claus hostage we'll continue to see this. "the santa clause" rally hasn't appeared because it has been over this fiscal cliff. kudos on fox business for the headline of story coming out of washington congress will meet on sunday this coming weekend that. is definitely took us off our low. we had a major rally on that. 10 handles on the s.o.p.s we watched down here. it was a painful trade there for a couple of hours. ashley: ben, very quickly up until now the market hasn't really reacted to the fiscal cliff but seems today it really sort of kicked in. did the market get it wrong up to this point? >> the fear is we may have got it wrong. market as i've been saying for a while believes in fact we will have a resolution so we will not go over the cliff. the recent commentary maybe has been there will be a patch so we'll get it done by early january. the comments by mr. reid today. the ball was thrown into his court by mr. boehner who failed with his party, the expectation was mr. reid would have something positive to say the tape sent a clear message to washi
, and count down to the closing bell starts now. we have breaking news from washington. rich edson at the white house where president obama is about to meet with key members of congress, and, rich, there's talk of a scaled down deal put forth by the president. what have you heard? >> it that is the discussion. you have harry reid, mitch mcconnell arriving at the white house, should have house leadership shortly to begin a meeting, a last ditch effort to try to help the economy avoid the fiscal cliff, or at least pieces of it, and, yes, the buzz around washington is a possible path forward that aids describe as preventing tax increase for income amounts of $400,000 or $500,000 or so, extend unemployment insurance, but, still, nothing has been agreed to. all in washington are waiting to see how this meeting goes. it's just about to start here in dc. meanwhile, on capital hill, the fighting continues, and in some corners, a sense of pessimism. >> if we don't have a deal within the next 24 hours, the question is where do you buy a parachute? we'll be going over the cliff because the cl
to the continued uncertainty of washington, no real progress on a debt deal. the house speaker stuck in a blizzard in ohio, but you know what? the dow managed to raise earlier, just up a hint now, just a touch. meanwhile, the nasdaq, the s&p500, and the russell, as you can see, down slightly on the day after christmas. retail stocks are casting a follow on the market, the s&p500, the high end end names, all in the red. we got coach, high end retailers such as tiffany moving lower, ralph lauren, urban jut fitters lower on poor data on sales this holiday season, and it's all due to the latest holiday spending figures that the stocks move lower. sales decreasing at a slow pace since the recession hit in 2008 according to the mastercard survey, the latest one. we'll pick apart the numbers later on in the show. hey, but check out crude oil, @ jumping today, up more than 2%, 3% on the day, near 91 bucks a barrel. first, there's optimism about a budget deal, perhaps in the next few days, optimism, isn't it, and supply concerns, iran is conducting naval test exercises and a strait of hormuz beginning tomo
are being held hostage you could say to what is happening right there in washington d.c. the traders are on the floor watching moment by moment. the new york stock exchange, cme, and the nymex. you just heard the representative. we have to wait for the senate. we cannot do anything into the senate comes out. what i noticed was 12:30 p.m. eastern when it was announced the president was going to speak the markets took off. when the president spoke the moderated and now we're back up and running. what are you seeing and how important is it? >> first of all, let the volume. continues to be low. i think we are getting -- this morning we had a bit of a technical rally. a massive short-covering. people want to go home in case we do is some kind of a deal. liz: but looking at, for example, the nasdaq. this is a decent job of close to two percentage points. it looks like people are at least trading. there has to be that feeling positivity. >> the president was very a beat. he really did sound good, confident, and very hopeful that he could still get something done. i don't think so. skype thi
to the closing bell" begins right now. stocks slipping. due in large part to the uncertainty in washington. talks are on hold. no real progress in the negotiations. we will be checking in with peter barnes. investors have chosen to remain on the sidelines. first, to the markets. taking a look at where we stand. it is a holiday shortened session. trading and at 1:00 p.m. volume is like. the dow is up 44 points. the russell 2000 down four tenths of a percent. not a lot of movement. twenty-four of the 30 dow components are in the red. tech stocks, though, are the biggest drag. hewlett-packard is the worst performer on the down right now. microsoft is also, well, soft. similar story for research in motion. rim plunged 23% on concerns of its services and business. we approach the tail end of the holiday shopping season. home depot, by the way, solidly in the grain. one of the best performers on the dow this year. walmart just barely on the upside. costco slightly down. that gets you up to speed on the market and some of the stocks making moves. let's get right to the floor show. let's begin with ben w
on this friday. thank you for joining me. the logjam in washington dc. the perception is one step closer to tottering over the fiscal cliff after john boehner failed to rally his troops. canceling the vote on plan b last night, and harry reid making a speech. let's take a look at where we stand with the dow jones industrial down 138 points. we have been down more than 189 points earlier. don't even imagine last night when neil cavuto is like looking at futures, which was plummeting. if it is not as bad as it could've been. but the market is terrible. as we look at what we call the hot button here. we have bank of america and caterpillar. all of that pales in comparison with research in motion. the stock getting taken out to the woodshed. the services business is about 30% of revenue. to be pretty clear about this, research in motion change the pricing model for 2013, and the impression is it the thumbs down. totally different story for investors. the software maker jumping about 4.5% here. better than expected third-quarter numbers. prescription revenues are up year-over-year. we are goi
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on this important issue. >> one thing we want to make sure people in washington understand is if all that is done is a cost shifting from the federal government to the state, it doesn't accomplish much because states are not in a position to pick up the extra costs. >> speaking as governor of the stage we execute. we have to get things done. unfortunately congress doesn't. they can throw rocks at each other and leave it for another day and kick the can down the road. governors have to get things done today. we would hope congress will watch the governor's listen to the states. i think we can help him find compromise. liz: governor mark l. will be on neil cavuto tonight at 8:00 p.m. eastern. you cannot miss that interview. see what he has to say about today's trip to the white house. he does amazing interviews with these governors. you got to hear what he has to say. the fear of falling over the cliff real if you with a look at the chart of the fear index, you might not think so at all. it is incredibly low but market players and insiders are already making trades in advance of something aaron nex
. uncertainty seems to be the norm in washington these days. last year you have the debt ceiling convey. congress had trouble putting together a deal. now the u.s. may be heading for the fiscal cliff. what does that mean for you and your investments? we have the jobs report today for a brief moment. we weren't worried about the fiscal cliff. now, we are back. what do you make of it? >> the jobs report was okay. there are some signs of very modest improvement in jobs. the good news is we have not really lost momentum and i will put that in the victory column. from a very short-term perspective, it is the fiscal cliff that is on everyone's mind. consumer sentiment is starting to decline. that suggested everyone seems to be focused on the fiscal cliff. when you are focused on uncertainty, what do you do, you do nothing. those are the major implementations for the economy. cheryl: i can hear the hesitancy in your voice. a lot of our guests are saying the same thing. they are afraid of what washington will do or maybe not do. your outlook is a bit more bullish than some of your colleagues. w
, it is carlos gutierrez. he has seen the interworking is a washington as secretary of commerce, but he also turned around it publicly traded qaeda -- iconic company. the shares of kellog moved around. now is moved to banking. he is joining me now on the first on fox business interview, and i want to let our viewers know the genesis of this. i ran into you in washington d.c. at the airport just a week and have caught two weeks ago. asset to me you have to come on the show because i thought your opinions are very interesting. right now, let's work with the news that we have today. john boehner saying 1 million, that is what people should have expiration on the tax threshold. the president moving from to 50 the possibly 400,000. will we have a deal? >> i think so. my opinion is that if we have to go over the fiscal cliff to get a good deal, we might as well bite the bullet now. do it now, and fro and the debt ceiling. it is a big -- liz: throw in the debt ceiling, you mean the republicans should use that in their back pocket? >> absolutely. it is to no one's benefit to have a debate in march a
are going to start with breaking news from washington, d.c. leaders from both sides trying to reach a deal. reach edson with the very latest. rich: $800 billion in revenue increases through a tax overhaul. republicans are still opposed to any tax rate increases in this plan. in a show bipartisanship, republicans say they have co-opt these details from a plant bernsen bowls offered last year. in this letter to the president, republican leaders right this is by no means an adequate long-term solution. it will require fundamental entitlement reform. indeed, though both plant is the exact type of imperfect, but fair one without hurting our economy and creating jobs. today, the white house has demanded an offer from republicans. they now have one. back to you. llri: rich edson, and he thinks. the market is taking a breather today. dupont and 3m are the biggest draggers on the dow. early stocks rising out of the gate out of some good news out of china over the night. hitting a seven month high, but then the u.s. isf number hit at 10:00 a.m. eastern and a wave of selling. manufacturing activity c
coming and of china, coming of the u.s. still does not want to go forward. the rhetoric of washington does not help. we are going to see more of this as we go further into the ew year. liz: further into the new year. liz: we have to get to the new year. we are looking at the energy market. natural gas dropping to its three month low. very mild. looking at behind me in new york. what are we missing as a play, an investment like? are we in that very land and? >> we've been calling for lower natural gas. most of the profit is best. the sale at 380-385. right now it's an oversold market. 327 is the low. we hit it today anywhere between 327 and 330 i'm buying. and on the upside 342-345. i don't think we will see it again this year. liz: never again. >> okay. never again. liz: the collective commodities, the dollar, what the fed did. that seems like a million dollars to 5 million miles away. but in these next two weeks from a trader perspective. people just at the way or are they fully in because we don't have an answer? >> there will not be fully in. what we have right now, an argument be
about the fiscal cliff, that is obvious. everybody is sitting back and waiting to see if washington can actually get something done. if political agendas can get it aside and think about the devastation that probably occurred with the fiscal cliff. the spring selling season begins in late january. we have been the bright spot in the economy. our industry are creating jobs, we're coming back in the early stages of a recovery so the fiscal cliff january 1 would have a huge impact on the country, and impact on our business, and we have our fingers crossed and are very hopeful washington can get something done and we'll have to see. but if they don't, there is no question there will be a little bit of time until things settle down when the buyers will hit the sidelines. liz: will it derail the tentative recovery here? >> right now we are three weeks away from this fiscal cliff date and we're still selling houses. i don't think it derails it, but there could be a pause until things get worked out. liz: part of it is being discussed, and that is the possible elimination or at least the cuttin
and what you make of their recent complacency? is there a wall street washington disconnect? >> interesting question. i certainly hope markets will have to tank. i certainly -- we want to have confidence not just in markets but businesses and households as well and the best way, for fiscal policymakers can achieve that is by coming to a solution as quickly as possible. markets have already responded to some extent the band down. you see from day to day how they respond to news about negotiations. on the other hand it is also true, if you look at the experience, very informative experience of the debt limit debate in august of 2011, both confidence and markets remain pretty sanguine, of to pretty close to the point that it looked like there was a chance the debt limit would not be raised. and then, of course, there was a shark shark particularly to confidence about the time of the final debates. it is not unusual to see markets being complacent. of course, there is market point of view, risks in both directions, hings go badly but perhaps if things go well, that would be good news and may b
and if you look at the chart can be considered a way it angled lower and lower after coming out of washington but hit rewind, go back to yesterday and the day before, the market reacted positively, so it shows us how sensitive the market is right now and clearly we are running out of time. tomorrow is friday. we have a full week next week but that is the last full week of the year. we're talking about the fiscal cliff running out of time, so different factors people are trying to play the end of the year trade. we're getting down to the end of things now. liz: what were they buying today, what were they selling? >> a follow-up from what we have seen in the past and what we think we will see in the future. just because regulations will be a little bit more transparent coming forward and the energy sector has been a hot one. how will that play in 2013. my clients are not looking at tomorrow or next week, they're looking to second quarter next year. liz: that is smart. i know you're looking at oil as well, looking at the aftermarket down another dollar on top of the $20 closing. no help at all.
. stocks rose out of the gate perhaps in the thoughts washington is moving closer to a budget deal. this time yesterday, that is what we had for you. the gains have disappeared. we have been down more than 67 points. the nasdaq losing seven here. s&p 500 down seven, but now we're off of that level everybody was talking about the last two days. the market was near the highs in the middle of the day. they put the timeline together for you. the president got in front of the cameras saying he would reject the spending and tax plan put together by speaker of the house john boehner. and by 45 minutes ago. he said he senses a ball is in the president's court adding he hopes the president will get serious about a balanced approach. all kinds of volatility with investors hanging on every word out of washington. general motors, take a look, turning on the afterburners, shares jumping as you can see more than 6%. repurchasing 200 million shares. gm need a bailout once the financial crisis hit. officially becoming a standalone company. market and investors really like now let's take a look at
as large concerned given the situation in washington a little bit of optimism over taking the picture. let's look at the dow 30, intel at the top. paul otellini said the new intel chief would most likely come from inside the company. intel up nearly 2%. that has always been the way at intel. they promote from within so clearly investors like that. cisco another decent name up 1%. no real news other than bargain hunting. we have amex and united health as the weak links. central-bank president mario draghi put it damper on what could have been a strong rally saying weakness in the euro zone is expected to continue for a while. it has been going on for quite some time. don't know why that is a surprise to the market. that means for the next couple years would central-bank is also cutting their 2013 forecasts for the region. the wild swings in apple just over the past couple days, yesterday apple tanked suffering its worst day in four years. today a tiny bit of a reprieve from the selling. noticed a sharp reversal at 10:00 this morning. buyers stepping in, all kinds of sound bites from tim coo
: they are super popular, at least when it comes to the stocks. once again, is it this headline out of washington, d.c.? >> the headline definitely helps, without a dow map. the overall fax are a rally into the end of the year. if that happens, that changes everything. we are going into the end of the year with some strength. liz: i am looking at all that is happening. we cannot ignore volume, guys. volume continues to be a little anemic. chris, at the cme, looking at what is working, you guys do with the trades that are coming through, what are you seeing? >> we are measuring low-volume right now. things tend to drift lower. the big thing we are on right now is still the gold position. we are right around that $1700 mark. if the pops over that, a lot of these traders will become buyers. it is acting as a resistance to the upside right now. with japan coming through with the more liberal, you know, monetary easing, sort of scenario, it may be really good for gold. liz: let's get the gold chart up. we are a full $10 above. if it goes down just a bit more, you may see the real buyers come in here.
for direction is on an folks trying to gauge what is happening in washington. let's look where we stand with floor traders. mark, your floor traders will stay according to the ceo of ice and the nyse-listed >> the holliday, a lot of traders hoped technology would make strides and humans are still needed. we have a lot of reasons to be optimistic in 2013. the market has been acting well, resilience, december's the best month for the s&p up on average 1.7%. we have seen good breakouts recently in materials and industrial and financial so the market plays well. it still looks like we should push hy into your end. liz: your calling for 1470. we only have a few trading days left and we are at 1442. this is where we are, 1442. >> a good move down in the u.s. dollar. that should eventually act as support for commodities. you see negative correlation and my thinking is we should push higher and no reason for us to pull back at least in the short run. we have seen a little bit -- liz: not even if there's no deal before the end of the year? >> even though it has been no deal there still resilienc
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